101% handmade goods with enthusiasm in every stitch

Hello & Welcome to Havie Manufacture!


We are Archie and Denis, brothers in life and in business.

Our craft goods workshop is based in Tel Aviv, and we are building our brand on a foundation that celebrates quality, craftsmanship, and tradition at every stage from raw material to finished product.

Our goals are simple; to envision, design, and create in-house and by hand, beautiful pieces. 

We make sure to keep our designs timeless yet original. We follow our passion, not following fleeting trends or outside influences.

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The name Havie originates from the words “to have”. We feel that people will admire our products and be drawn to have them in their lives. Each piece is made to age beautifully. The more they use it, have it, the more precious it becomes, gaining special character. The piece becomes Havie.

   Over three years ago, wanting an outlet for our creativity and passion for design, the idea of making bags came to our minds. We both agreed that the world does not need another line of fashion accessories, but if we were going to create one, it needed to be unique, be authentic, and have a strong perspective. It took us an entire month to finish our first bag, working on a concept and a prototype before defining our vision, based on utility essentials and military inspiration.It was all so simple in the beginning…

   Our goods represent years of working early mornings (before going to our day jobs), and late nights (sometimes over bottles of beer), teaching ourselves techniques and talking endlessly with each other about designs, trying to solve complicated construction problems in the simplest ways. All the while, we worked exclusively with hand tools and one sewing machine (which we named ‘Monika’) out of a space more suited for a twin bed than a manufacturing studio.
In January 2013, with the support and encouragement from our family and friends, we officially launched the brand with our first collection.

   As time went by, we discovered a growing, thriving community that supports and believes in what we do. Demand for our bags grew. So we opened a studio and moved our small workshop to a fun, cool neighbourhood that is a home to many young creatives.
Now our lives are built around Havie. And we love how our brand is growing and evolving. To us, our goods express everything we value. We are well aware that the way we work is not the most efficient, and certainly not very cost effective, but we are sure that we have sacrificed nothing of our vision.

"We’re not saving lives here, we’re just making bags, but sometimes when a new style is created we have a moment when we feel like we’re saving our own. We want to applaud everyone else who’s working to do the same, because quite simply - it’s hard" 

Cheers to every craftsman, small manufacturer, artist, designer and anyone pushing creatively toward a life they love, because so much good can come out of it!